How Return Shipping and Composting Works

1. Shop

Buy our dry pantry goods like you would any other brand. When the pouch is empty instead of throwing it in the trash we ask you to store the empty pouch out of the way (beneath the sink is a great place!)

2. Store

Since everything we sell is a dry good there is no need to wash out or clean the pouches and you won't have to worry about mold growth either

3. Print 

We've calculated that 30 pouches is the most fuel-efficient number of pouches to ship. Every 30 items you buy (over however many orders it takes to reach that number) you will receive an automatic email with a pre-paid shipping label. 

4. Ship

Simply print out that label, take the largest pouch and stuff the others inside that, attach the label and hand it off to any USPS carrier or location

5. Done!

The pouches return back to our facility in Brooklyn for composting. Continue with the rest of your day now feeling good reducing plastic waste!